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Norway’s Jon Sveindal is not only a top class player, he also writes a long running bridge column. He has been collecting some excellent stories here in Boston, as you will be able to discern form the following deal played in the Keohane North American Swiss Teams:

Dealer: South

Vul: All

J 9 8 7 3
A Q 2
4 2
A 9 8
West East
Q A 6 4 2
5 3 K 10 7 6
K J 10 9 8 6 7 3
10 6 3 2 K Q 4
K 10 5
J 9 8 4
A Q 5
J 7 5
West North East South
2dx 2sx Pass 3NT
All Pass

West led the jack of diamonds and declarer won with the queen and played a heart to dummy’s queen. East won and returned a diamond, so declarer won, crossed to dummy’s ace of hearts and played a spade, hoping to find East with sxAQ doubleton.

However, when East produced a low spade declarer changed tack and went up with the king of spades. The appearance of the queen enabled declarer to knock out the ace of spades and claim the contract.

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